Websites & Portals

There’s no other way around it – your website is the front of your business. Virtually every first impression and connection is made, in some part, through your website. You can’t afford to make it anything less than exemplary. Potential customers will judge your business based on the quality of the website, and it only takes a few seconds for that impression to solidify.

So what do you do about it? We create a captivating and distinct web presence. In Athago, we help you craft a professional image, promoting key services and displaying the best version of your business on every page. This is more than a new website. It is a sales funnel, and your sales is our success. We meticulously lay out the best way to present the most insightful and attractive version of your business.

Take Care of Your Business

While many designers focus on colors, tab layout, and images, we like to take our design to the next level. While all of these things are incredibly important, we don’t want to lose sight of other quality-of-life areas of web design. Remember, a website is not just for you – it’s for your customer. Features like account creation, carts, exclusive account offers, social media integration, and more, all help to add to the user experience. We want to craft a responsive, timely, and flexible website to dramatically improve the experience of every visitor, whether they are a loyal customer or a curious clicker.

We strongly believe that you don’t just make a website and let it be. Your website should be managed and monitored. Web development considers many valuable parts of website design outside of the pure aesthetics. We look at diversification, reliability, intuitiveness, and more. Your website should evolve with the times without forcing you to scrap it and start over. This is the essence of web development.

We address a visitor’s “cognitive load,” using conventional web design practices to build familiarity but inventiveness to make you different and unique.

The Three Must-Haves

So what does all this mean for your website design? We consider four main areas:


Your website has to have fresh and compelling content. On a regular schedule, we can help you provide content that engages your visitors, answers questions, drives traffic, and generally builds your industry authority. Unlike many designers who get lost in the technical things, we push quality content to provide more reasons for visitors to visit your amazing website.

Improving Design and Functionality – How We Go Even Deeper

When applying the must-haves of design and development, don’t forget the U’s: Usability, User Experience, and User Interface.

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