Project Description

Project Description :

Unibarg is a drop-shipping ecommerce website based in Chicago, IL, selling men and women’s fashion accessories. The store does not have a physical inventory, but its products are shipped to customers from all over the world, giving the owner an opportunity to save money. The owner needed a solution where he could have all of his products on his websites and let the platform work automatically.

Athago’s developers, using WordPress, integrated software onto his website where he could automatically connect with his distributors online, have auto updates in his inventory based on his distributor’s stock, and when he receives an order his stock and orders automatically get updated. The fully responsive design allows users to order from his store from all over the world and from any device they choose.

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Unibarg Goals :

The main goal for the owner was to make his life easier and save money. This could be done only if he could avoid having stock. The customer wanted to be able to sell his products all over the world with cheaper products and shipping prices. This could be achieved with a complete ecommerce solution. Having product attributes, product categories, and a responsive website was his main concern so he can help his future customers with the search of the inventory and the purchase flow of it.

Summary :

Athago’s team focused on advanced design, big slides that attracts the visitor’s attention, and a structured menu where you can easily find what you are looking for or see what the store has to offer. We developed an automated system where the owner could easily import and manage the products he wished directly from his distributors as well as automatically update his inventory, saving him lots of work and time so he can leave the website rolling on its own. A responsive design makes it easier to navigate from any device ( PC, laptop, phone, tablet ), giving potential customers a reason to stay on the website for a longer amount of time.

Website Features :