Project Description

Project Description :

Founded in 2006 by father and son, Old Times Tavern is located in Skala – Kefalonia, Greece. With a long history of recipes and tons of traditional Greek dishes, the guests of this restaurant are wildly diverse. Not only is it a destination for tourists of Kefalonia, but it’s also a home for the locals, so they can eat some delicious homemade cuisine. For their online reservation management and advertisement, the owner of the restaurant, Nikos Galanis, partnered with to develop their website.

Athago used one of the most popular CMS platforms to develop this project, WordPress. We also integrated other must-have features for a restaurant, such as online reservations, newsletters, online food and drinks catalog, photo gallery, blog, Google Maps, and contact forms. The website is mobile-friendly, allowing for easy navigation from any device.

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Old Times Tavern Goals :

The goals of OldTimes Tavern were twofold. The restaurant needed a way to advertise and inform the people about traditional Greek cuisine, new flavors, and the food events that they host. Then, the large number of customers visiting the restaurant made it crucial to find an easy way to manage its tables and reservations. As a result, they came to Athago in 2013 to build a dynamic website that could solve these issues. By focusing on a modern look, dynamic menus, stylish colors and graphics, Athago’s design aimed to satisfy their target audiences.

Summary :

In order to solve the issue of table reservations, Athago’s developers developed a registration form so the clients can be informed about the availability and book a table before they go to the restaurant. Realistic, high-quality graphics makes the website more enjoyable to view and easier to navigate. The advanced navigation offers customers the ability to find the right service in a unique way: with the push of a button, they can find any info about the Greek dishes that the restaurant provides along with prices, the history of the island, and even photos of the restaurant. The new website, responsively designed, is an impressive tool offering multiple sections to navigate, regardless of the device you choose to use.

Website Features :