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Project Description :

Sensei Nakamura started his non-profit dojo, Hu Shin Kai, back in 2010 in Chicago, IL. Having a lot of experience on the United States National Team, he started this dojo in order to pass his knowledge to the next generation of athletes. As a non-profit organization, Sensei Nakamura provides support to kids and athletes for tuition, equipment purchases, and tournament attendance. To achieve this, and in order to have everything under control with athlete registration and events, he decided to upgrade his current website by trusting Athago to complete his needs.

Athago developed a website using WordPress, allowing the administrators the ability to easily manage and organize published content, manage registrations and the shop, and also schedule events. We developed services like blog posts, news pages, event calendars, newsletters, an online store management system (as well as the store itself) Google Maps, and contact forms. Also, the website is fully responsive and accessible from any device.

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Project Goals :

The main goal of Hu Shin Kai organization was to create an all-in-one web solution for all the different areas a dojo needs. Due to a lack of time, Sensei Nakamura wished to have a blog that will automatically generates all of the posts that get posted on Facebook so he can add them one time. He also needed an online membership management system where he could track all of the registrations, family discounts, and online payments. The online store was an extra feature needed so that the dojo could sell their t-shirts, GIs, and equipment to people all over the world. But that’s not all. Hu Shin Kai organizes events, which made the need of an event planner and online ticket purchase system mandatory. That being said, Athago was there to cover all of these needs.

Summary :

Athago’s team focused on the appearance of the website and clean design. We needed to provide an easy-to-use result so that people can immediately find what they are looking for. A membership management system was a significant challenge we had to face but it was completed successfully according to the owner’s needs. The colors had to be close to what the original colors represent while also giving a warm, welcoming feel when you visit the website. The responsive design is what makes it unique so that people can purchase new equipment, clothes, or a subscription through any device.

Website Features :