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Project Description :

Fotozorz is a professional photography studio located in Athens, Greece, that provides photo and video shooting services for every occasion. It is a platform for people searching for photo shooting events, weddings, baptisms, simple photo albums, or photo gifts. It was founded in 2000 and they partnered with athago for the development and design of their webpage.

Athago’s developers built this website using WordPress, allowing the administrators of Fotozorz to have an easy and reliable experience when managing their photos and videos. In order to display these in a modern and effective way, Athago’s experts integrated services such as photo galleries, 4k video galleries, YouTube streaming services, a store map, and a contact form, so anyone can reach them. Because of the need to be accessible in every device, the designers chose a more mobile/tablet-based responsive design, allowing everyone the ability to access it with the touch of their finger.

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Project’s Goals :

The main goal of store manager at Fotozorz was to create a website that demonstrates his work as well as his photo and video editing techniques to his customers. From a simple wedding photo shoot to a drone photo shoot, the big need to display these services to his customers was the reason why he came to Athago in 2011 to build a dynamic website that would better accommodate their massive data of FHD photos and 4k videos. By focusing on a modern look and YouTube integration, new website hoped to satisfy each of their target audiences.

Summary :

Athago’s team focused not only on the stylish ways to display photos and videos but on a unique way to compress all this data so that the viewer can enjoy a 4K video without losing quality or long loading times because of a slow Internet connection. So, a quick loading time, massive photo and video storage, and modern slideshows were only some of the functionalities the developers worked on to create a website that is more enjoyable to visit and easy to navigate. The new website, responsively designed, is also an impressive biography tool for the owner of, offering multiple pieces of his work within the main site, regardless of which device you choose to use.

Website Features :