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Project Description :

Ekmathisi was founded in 2008 as the first online English school in Galatsi, Greece. The owner aims to provide foreign educational services to the surrounding area. With a long history of providing the best services to educators and pupils, Ekmathisi realized it was time to offer even more by redeveloping their outdated website. For this purpose, Ekmathisi partnered with Athago for the redevelopment and deployment of their fresh new web design.

Athago’s experts curated the site using WordPress, allowing Ekmathisi administrators the ability to easily manage published content. In addition to the WordPress platform, the web developers integrated other services, such as video streaming, blogging, news pages, event calendars, an ebook store and management system, galleries, user support, location maps, and contact forms. They also developed the website to be mobile responsive, allowing students and faculty the ability to easily access pertinent information from any device.

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Ekmathisi Goals :

The main goal of Ekmathisi was to create an all-in-one web solution for all the web services for the students and teachers. The goal was to provide both students and teachers an easy and efficient way of searching through their extensive list of teaching services. As a result, they came to Athago in 2017 to rebuild a dynamic website that would better accommodate their massive teaching needs. By focusing on a modern look, stylish colors, and high-quality graphics, Ekmathisi’s redesign hoped to satisfy each of their target audiences. For their third-generation site, once again sought Athago’s expertise to expand its website to include its international customer base in Greece.

Summary :

Athago’s team is focused on stylish and effective methods of displaying all of Ekmathisi’s services under a simple navigation scheme. They were provided with a way to sell and donate ebooks so they could keep students and visitors updated about the foreign language teaching. News and instructions about the exams and useful tips on studying was a valuable asset that people find interesting to read about. Throughout the site, realistic, high-quality graphics makes it a more enjoyable visit. The advanced navigation offers customers the ability to find the right service in a unique way: with the push of the ignition button, they can find any information they need about foreign languages. Students can also find videos and ebooks, accelerating them through the buying process to a quick checkout. The new website, responsively designed, offers the ability to easily navigate to any section of it, regardless the device you use.

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