Mobile Applications

Athago provides you with the best-in-class strategy, design and implementation of Enterprise Mobility solutions that streamline your customer process of easily using service applications from their smartphones, or for your sales employees/executive to access or fill in significant customer information while on the move.

We design result driven mobile app interfaces that portray a visual language for users, synthesizing the classic principles of good design with technology.

From Purpose-Specific To Social And Gaming, We Do It All

With the significant increase of both mobile smart devices or smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have become part of our daily life as well as a powerful tool in the business enterprise sector. We now have strong and user – friendly mobile devices which tend to replace the conventional laptops and netbooks, providing an increased portability, policy and acquisition cost. We proceed in accordance with the latest developments in mobile applications, by developing software for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

If you can think of it, we can create it. Our goal with every build is to design and develop a mobile application that not only looks great, but also one that your users will continue to use on a regular basis.

In order to develop your ideal mobile app, we work to understand your market and the ultimate goal of the project, whether it be increasing revenue, brand awareness or inventing something new and unique. From innovative ways to fully leverage mobile technology to mobile designs that will attract and engage your users for the long run. Our motto is simple… take your idea or concept and turn it into a winning mobile product.

The company will follow an iterative, agile approach to software development to ensure that development timely, and both robust and flexible.

We take care of the Administrator too

As an administrator of the website, you should be able to manage your store with ease and options

The time for that perfect Mobile App is now

Mobile use has surpassed desktop use and users are flocking to apps in order to get their news, food and nearly everything else. Our developers and designers are experts in both native apps and hybrid applications to produce state of the art mobile apps for both Apple and Android. We excel at mobile development and understand how the market works and the incorporation of a solid mobile app into a marketing and business strategy is just as important as a digital presence. Since we geek out on that sort of thing, we take our mobile development very seriously. But of course, you knew this already.

From research to UI to Development.. We’ve got your back.

We assess the market and research apps in both the Apple store and Google Play well before we begin an engagement. Our UI team executes a unique appearance and design for your app and then our development team brings it all together. If we’re working with native apps, we’ve got your Cocoa C, Java and Swift covered. If we’re creating a hybrid application, our HTML, CSS and JavaScript (using Ionic, Xamarin, Unity or PhoneGap) gets the job done flawlessly. We’ll test and retest the app so it works with ease and then it’s off to the app store for the world to share.
Our development team will make sure that your product will be built correctly and timely. We try to improve our development efficiency and product scalable and flexible software. We love technology and we have a tendency for discovering all OS platform advantages and constraints.