Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Website Need



or $500 per year ( save $100 )

500 MB SSD Disk
20 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited Traffic
Includes 24/7 Support



or $800 per year ( save $160 )

1 GB SSD Disk
40 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited Traffic
Free CDN Service
1 Support Credit
Includes 24/7 Support



or $1300 per year ( save $260 )

5 GB SSD Disk
1 TB Data Transfer
Unlimited Traffic
Free CDN Service
Free SSL Cerificate
5 Support Credits
Includes 24/7 Support

Speed Up Your Site

Incredible Websites Running at Lightning Fast Speeds

Fast Loading Times

Rapidly quick site performance is attainable! The websites we create fly courtesy of servers running on PHP and SSD disks that goes as high as 7.2 (along with a few cache levels). Also, we offer CDN service and static caching, which can boost the performance of your site even further.

Unparalleled Security

Your website’s security is managed at an application and server level. This is done by using SSL tickets, which retains the safety of your daily backups and data. Our security plans to safeguard your applications further.