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Hopefully some of the questions that you may have before you contact us are answered here.

What size companies do you work with?2020-01-03T04:40:08-06:00

Athago works with companies and organizations of all sizes – from small businesses to mid-sized, large and enterprise corporations. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 business, a large or small association, or anything in between, we’d be happy to show you what we can do for you. Athago has extensive experience providing website design and development, as well as hosting, strategy and consulting services, for clients of all sizes.

Does location matter?2020-01-03T04:39:59-06:00

It doesn’t matter in what part of the United States, or the world, you are located. Athago, headquartered in Chicago with offices throughout the nation as well as overseas, is happy to work for you. If you need web development services in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Charlotte, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the country or globally, athago.com is your one-stop-shop for all of your web design needs.

How much will my website cost?2020-01-03T04:39:55-06:00

Athago builds a wide range of websites and every customer has unique and different objectives. Our strategists take their time to discuss your specific business goals and needs, and how that will translate into a results-driven website for your organization. While some companies say they offer websites for “free”, athago.com lives in a realistic world where we scope out the details of your project and give you a detailed proposal with a price. There are no hidden costs. Until we discuss what you’re looking for as far as your online presence, we’re going, to be honest, and tell you, we don’t know what it will cost. We do know that if you go with us, athago.com will build a successful, quality, high-end website that will give you a great return on your investment, sooner rather than later. Our expertise allows us to properly scope out the amount of time we’ll spend producing a website that will give your users a rewarding online experience. There’s nothing more frustrating than a web development company that doesn’t scope out a project correctly, as it causes delays and an increase in costs to you. Our promise is to scope out and deliver a website to you on time and within your budget, with no surprises. Hosting charges vary as well, based on existing and future traffic and other variables. The cost for your web development project, as well as any monthly hosting and maintenance fees, will be provided to you in a detailed proposal at the outset of your engagement with Athago.

How long will it take to build my website?2020-01-03T04:39:50-06:00

The amount of time it takes to design and develop your new website depends on the size and scope of what you’re looking to do. Once you’ve decided to work with Athago, you will be assigned a project manager. The design and development of a website must be grounded in a well-organized blueprint before work begins. Your project manager, after a kickoff meeting with you and your team, will produce a project plan with an established timeline. With solid communication back and forth, we’ll meet each stage of the project and deliver your website within the established timeline. It’s important to keep in mind that quality takes time, and we want to make sure you’re happy with your website rather than simply happy with your website going live as soon as possible! In the long term, customers prefer a quality website that produces profits over an extended period of time, and Athago’s goal is to satisfy our customers and make sure they receive a solid, consistent return on their investment.

Where can I submit my Request For Proposal?2020-01-03T04:39:09-06:00

All RFP’s can be submitted via e-mail to info@americaneagle.com, via fax at (847)699-4207, through our secure quote request form, or via postal mail to Americaneagle.com, 2600 S. River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60018. Once received, an account representative will follow up with you in response.

Why should I choose Athago?2020-01-03T04:38:57-06:00

Over the past 30 plus years, Athago has grown from a software and networking company into one of the largest website design firms in the country. Despite our growth, Athago remains a family-owned and operated company, focused on providing innovative and user-friendly website design, development, and hosting services to clients of all sizes, in many industries. We have a full-time customer support department and 24/7 server staff so you’ll never have to worry about your website. In addition, we are experienced in online strategy, SEO, third party integration, as well as implementation and ongoing support for many of the largest content management systems in the marketplace. Athago’s experience and proven expertise, as well as the fact that we provide all of the online services you’ll need, differentiate us from the competition. Our goal is to have a long term, successful relationship with our customers, and the only way that will happen is if our work produces results. Thankfully, the proof is clearly evident as we’ve had multiple customers who have been with us for many years, through many redesigns as well as ongoing support.

Do you support clients post-launch?2020-01-03T04:38:48-06:00

Yes, we are proud to have a staff of over 100 individuals located in the United States completely dedicated to our client’s post-launch work and strategy. That staff is also extended to include additional Subject Matter Experts that can be available for a variety of additional services such as Strategic Consulting, A/B Testing, Site Audits, Graphic Design, etc. Our staff is available 24/7/365 in order to support our clients with all their digital needs. Athago also offers a variety of value-added services such as our Client Forums offered at various times throughout the year, our vision educational publication, and regular broadcast email newsletters with announcements and other important news.

Do you host the websites you build?2020-01-03T04:38:35-06:00

Yes, as we have a vast amount of hosting experience. While it is not a requirement, we do host the overwhelming majority of the websites we build in our multi-million dollar data centers, which ensure reliability and security. We’ve hosted websites for many clients during high traffic events, including a Presidential Inauguration, major media appearances, and some of the largest sporting events in the world. Athago offers flexible hosting packages that are geared towards each client’s storage, transfer, security, and database requirements. Both shared and dedicated hosting environments are available. Additionally, hosting packages include maintenance time, traffic statistics, and 24×7 technical support in case of emergencies. Athago is also proud to be a PCI-compliant level one service provider, which is the highest level of compliance. All servers are backed up nightly and, in case of any outages, we have battery-powered and natural gas generators to power the centers indefinitely.

What kind of technology do you support?2020-01-03T04:38:25-06:00

Athago is experienced in many of the largest and well-known programming languages and applications. If you have a specific CMS (content management system) you’d like to run your website, Athago can implement and support it. We are proud Platinum Partners with both Sitecore and Sitefinity, as well as Silver Partners with Magento. In addition, we can implement your new website with any of the other main software solutions and platforms available, including ROC Commerce, BigCommerce, WordPress, Kentico, Hawk Search, and more. If you don’t have one in mind, we’ll design and develop a website that fits your needs. Our goal is to produce a highly effective website with a content management system tailored to your business.

Do you develop apps?2020-01-03T04:38:18-06:00

Yes, we offer a variety of mobile solutions including mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. You can view a variety of our mobile works by clicking here including our award-winning apps

Great team, Great communication throughout the project, Great results. I’ve seen my ROI scaling up to 300% the last 3 months.

Thank you

- CPI Owner
Nikolaos, CEO of Athago is a great contractor who I consistently rehire for all my web development and design needs. I highly recommend him!
- Justin Lee
Athago team went above and beyond to get my website up and published. I had many requests and edits throughout the process and they consistently responded quickly and never had an issue with my changes. I will definitely be re-hiring him in the future for other development projects.
- Joanna Bond
Athago team did a phenomenal job at tailoring every aspect of the website to exactly what I had requested. Often, I didn’t have ideas more specific than “Can you make it kind of like this aspect of this other website” and they delivered something that was beyond what I expected. I would hire him again, and plan on doing so for further modifications to this website as my company’s needs evolve.
- Michael Fidell (Compass)
Athago’s support team has Amazing communicators. Always easy to reach/responds very quickly. Very helpful when client doesn’t understand technical issues and takes the time to explain/walk-through steps when necessary. After just a few days of working with them, I was confident in their skills, integrity, and work ethic. I trusted them with recommendations as if they were a part of my team. I will definitely be working with this team in the future.
- Amjaad Alhussain (Sifra Foods)
Athago team has done Great work, very creative and communicated with me through the whole entire process. The ability to listen to the need for what we were looking for impressed us the most. Definitely will recommend to any and everyone!!
- Lorenzo Nichols (ASOP apparel)
Athago team helped me out tremendously today. Their deep knowledge and expertise in the field of programming and web design helped me to better understand my own project! Hiring managers: imagine the value added to your project or organization by hiring a professional that can take your project to its highest level! They are timely, articulate, communicative and work at great speeds. If they are in your pool of applicants, you would be wise to, at the very least, reach out to them to get their thoughts on what you are doing. Thanks Athago!
- Samuel Castilla (Consultation)
Athago team were fast and professional, while still being very friendly. Their communication was timely and informative. They did several things that were not specified in the contract to ensure that the work required by the contract went smoothly and worked well for us in the end. Our company will surely use them for future needs. Thank you!
- Gretchen Adams (State 42 Wines)