Connect and Grow: Leave Your Audience Thinking of You

Email is an ubiquitous part of the web. Everyone uses it. Everyone values it. It is a critical part of business development and one of the key methods to connect and communicate with a passionate base of customers.

Don’t dismiss the power of email marketing. With nearly 300 billion emails sent every day, email is a valuable (and huge) force in your digital marketing strategy.

Use email marketing to build the bridge between customer and business

How do you develop it?
We know exactly what it takes to maximize the potential of email. Our fully-managed email marketing approach is precise and tested.

  • We commit to an exhaustive research process which explores CRM integration, ESP development, a comprehensive account review, detailed brainstorming based on your goals and needs, and responsive design

  • We develop the email strategy. We begin with aesthetic design and continue on to copywriting and content. We also look at how you will receive sign-ups, who will be reached, and how to promote and distill the purpose of the email for maximum impact

  • We manage and maintain. With A/B spit testing, automation, segmentation, extensive testing, monthly reporting against KPIs, and follow-up campaign development, we seek to keep the ball moving and keep your customers engaged and connected

This is the best way forward to make every email matter- make every message poignant, purposeful, and action-driven.

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