Custom Software Development

Custom applications can give a company a powerful competitive advantage. But designing specialized software internally can be time intensive and costly.

Custom software design and development comprises the cornerstone of Athago, a domain in which the company has carved out a successful niche for itself. Athago provides complete software implementation process, starting with software design and development, software quality assurance testing, software deployment, up to further software upgrades and enhancements.

Let us code it

The core software design and development services provided by Athago include, but are not limited to, web and desktop application development, high-end client-server application development, enterprise application development and building end-to-end enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions, re-engineering, software systems maintenance and support. The company’s custom software development services span the entire software development lifecycle; from requirements definition, design and application development, to testing, maintenance and support.

Athago specializes in developing custom software applications that meet the specific needs of its clients and drive their business processes. Combining in-depth technical and industry experience, Athago develops innovative custom software application solutions that best meet clients’ most complex business needs, budget, schedule, and existing IT infrastructure.

Athago also focuses on consistent communication, thus allowing clients to regularly review and make adjustments to applications, enabling Athago to easily respond to clients’ evolving requirements, and deliver high-quality, thoroughly tested client solutions that are tailored to clients’ specific, evolving needs.

The company will follow an iterative, agile approach to software development to ensure that development timely, and both robust and flexible.

We begin each client engagement with detailed requirements analysis to thoroughly define, analyze, and document the business and its technical needs.


Tailored for you

The custom software development services that Athago delivers are tailored to the clients’ specific business and technology needs. Working collaboratively with its clients, the company transforms its clients’ visions into scalable, end-to-end application solutions specific to their requirements that automate business processes, enhance efficiency and productivity, and advance the organization’s goals.

System Integration

Integration has a hidden benefit, stemming from trying to make services interact: instead of having to redesign a piece of software from the beginning (which encapsulates particular business logic and so on), you are trying to expose its functionality as a service and let other applications access it via a communications method (either network, or process invocation). This allows the re-usability of a software component, without having to re-implement it.

Athago offers comprehensive third party integration services to help clients enhance efficiency at their organizations, while saving time and money. Athago software application integration services include planning and assessment, implementation, integration, configuration, and customization of a variety of third party software tools. Athago delivers seamless integration with third party vendor tools and software into its clients’ existing software to deliver business value.